Open and close your bar tab right from your phone.



At TabX, we want to make paying your bar tab easier. It's that simple. How? By giving you the power to open and close your tab right from your device. No more handing over your credit card, waiting in long lines when you're ready to leave, or worries about forgetting to pay.

open tab


Open a tab from your phone.

order at the bar


Order at the bar. Enjoy your night.

close tab


Skip the line. Close the tab from your phone.

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When you go out for a drink, chances are you're not one and done. So, you start a tab. That means when it's time to leave, you have to wait in line, track down a bartender, wait for your bartender to run the tab, and so on. This assumes that you don't forget. But with the TabX app, you don't have to worry about any of that. Simply open and close your bar tab right from your phone. Or let us auto-close it for you. Either way, when you wanna leave, just leave.


Much easier to skip the line and close out from your phone.


Don't worry about giving out your credit card or leaving it there.


As a bartender, you know how stressful it is to be in the weeds. Everyone wants to order a drink at once. And each time you get interrupted to close out a tab, you get further behind. Or worse, you lose a sale. Which means fewer tips. And those lost tips, they add up. But not anymore. With the TabX app, your customers can open and close their bar tabs right from their phones. So you spend less time closing tabs, and more time racking up sales. And tips.

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Eliminate the busy work

Using TabX, you're selling more drinks and running less credit cards.

Don't hold onto cards

TabX handles the payment details, no need to use a physical card.

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The TabX Application

Built to make opening and closing a tab at your favorite bar a little easier.

Open & Close Your Tab

Open & close your tab from your phone.

View Your Tab

Once you have a tab open you can see your current charges as the night goes on.


Find Near Me

Using your GPS location of your phone, easily find the bar you're at and open a tab.


Keep a list of your favorite bars for quick access to open a tab.